Special foods and drinks selections

1. Premium Local Tender & Japanese Cocktail: $16.00
(Grilled Local Tender Served with Baked Potato,

Mixed Vegetables and Fresh Garden Salad)

2. River Prawn & Chinese Cocktail:$16.00

(Steamed River Prawn, Steamed Rice, Baby Bok Choy and Broccoli)

3. Salmon and England Cocktail:$18.00

(Pan-Seared Salmon, Steamed Rice, Mixed Vegetable Julienne and Teriyaki Sauce)

4. Lamb Rack & USA Cocktail:$22.00

(Served with Vegetable Ratatouille,Baby Potato and Butter Pasta)

5. Meat & Fish Lover Special & French Cocktail: $28.00

A Combination of Charcoal Grilled and Pan-Seared

Cheese Sausage, Potato, Prawn, Squid, Lamb Chop,

Beef Tender and Tonle sap Fish Filet

Served with 5 Assorted Sauce Selections

(Koskong. Green Pepper Corn, Mustard , BBQ, Hoisin, Tamarind Sauce

Accompanied with Fresh Garden Salad)